Monday, July 6, 2015

Metro Hawg Hunters Kenny Weyandt gives his review of their latest tournament on Clearwater Lake in Annandale, MN.

An important thing Adam and I have learned is trying to estimate what it will take to win because that should factor in how you approach a lake. We felt like 14lbs + would be a strong weight and our other two tourneys here we only weighed 12lbs so we knew we had to take some risks. 

Another thing that we have learned in tournament fishing over the past few years  is you only need 5 good fish and you typically find them in heavy cover in MN lakes. With that in mind we threw out all our previously fished spots and sort of just flew by the seats of our pants. 

We started on reeds/bullrushes up shallow flipping and frogging. Not a lot of fish but put one in the boat that was just under 3lbs on a frog. As the sun came up we began to push deeper and fished some rocks but found nothing. As we worked back to our next spot we worked a steep drop off with nice cover. Adam was rigged wacky and I was flipping a jig. Adam caught a couple from the back of the boat that were just under 3lbs. That got me thinking to slow down and possibly dead stick a little. 

Our next spot that same pattern seemed to work. Although I was flipping an edge with a black/blue 1/2 ounce Flammin Jig I was letting it sit on the bottom for 5-7 seconds and sure enough, that's when our biggest of the day came at 3.4lbs!

We continued that pattern and Adam caught one last one over 3lbs using a weightless wacky rig again which we though would put us over 14lbs. We went to flipping patches of milfoil to see if we could find one over 4lbs but no suck luck. 

Much like last tournament we did not catch a ton of fish and actually didn't have a limit until almost 10am. We headed into weigh in and realized that not one keeper came on a spot that we have ever fished before. 

Total weighed in at 14.34lbs which was half a pound behind Jeff and Lee. We knew these league points would be crucial because our next two lakes (Waconia/Tonka) have not been very friendly for us. 

Last time it took almost 20 pounds to win Waconia and the only time we fished it we weighed 12lbs so looks like we have our work cut out for us again! 

Kenny and Adam

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