Friday, June 19, 2015

Metro Hawg Hunters, Kenny Weyandt, gives a great review after their 1st tournament of 2015 on Gull Lake in Northern Minnesota

So Adam Baumgartner and myself had mixed feelings entering day 1 on Gull Lake. We felt as though we had areas that held above avg fish but didn't catch a lot. We primarily targeted lakes with less traffic on the north side and with some stain to them. With the fish being post spawn we targeted the 8'-14' range or areas with very heavy cover adjacent to deep water. 

Day 1 was what you fear when targeting larger fish. While many other teams boated over 40 fish we were struggling to put 5 in the boat. We finally put our first fish in around the 10am mark and was able to get a nice 2.5lber right after that.  We decided to abandon flipping edges for heavy pad covered areas due to the sun and lack of cloud cover.   We hit 2 more fish almost back to back on frogs that also weighed over 2lbs that got us to our 10.6lb weight that we weighed in (5 fish) which I know doesn't sound great but for post spawn and on Gull we new we would be middle of the pack which we were.  

Day 2 we decided to stick with our same areas as we still felt like 1.5lb fish were not going to do anything for us. So while running 40 min back to the furthest lake we made a quick pit stop and hit a section where we knew was a popular release point for other tournaments. Adam was skipping docks and I was pitching but it was Adam who came up with our first 3.5lb fish which was caught on a Senko. On the way out we picked up rocks on the side imaging and stopped to fish the edge where the pads and rocks met. I quickly picked up another 2lb fish on a Texas rigged bio spawn worm.  From there we went back to punching mats and flipping cabbage. We went to an area that we had little success on the previous day but given the slight cloud cover we thought they may push more to the outside edge and luckily we were right.  I was flipping a 1/2 ounce black/blue jig with a craw trailer and Adam (aka Baumy) a 1/2 ounce black/blue craw tube.  We added another 5 fish with 2 of them going over 3lbs so we felt as though we had around 13lbs at 10am vs the previous day of zero! 

Unfortunately we were not able to have the afternoon we did the previous day (even though we ran the same spots at the same times) and added zero fish the last few hours. Luckily we snuck out with the win without culling our 1.5lb fish. We ended 13.2lbs which snuck by Jeff and Lee who weighed in 13.16lbs! That gives us 15pts for the first day and 20pts for the second which you can see at One other thing I would like to mention is our club contest vs Crow River BASS Casters which was where each club weighs their top 7 boats. The final weight came in at 160lbs for Crow River and 159.4lbs for Metro Hawg Hunters!!!! Can you even believe how close that was!!! So in Ike's words "Never Give Up".

Overall it was a great start to the year, great weather and some fun times spent with the other anglers and their families.

Kenny Weyandt

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