Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Hello All! 

With spring now fully upon us its time to make the transition from hard water fishing to the open water.  But wait!   What about turkey hunting.  With most seasons now upon us or opening shortly its time to make all the necessary purchases and preparations for going after gobblers.

Although I have been an avid hunter all my life I really haven't had much experience with turkeys so I'm calling on all the faithful  Assassin Hunting fans to help me out with possibly the most important thing.  What kind of Ammo should I choose? 

One of the problems with todays ammunition supplies is in my opinion a lack of independent testing.  Open any hunting magazine and you can read an article on how certain loads patterned through which shotguns, results of velocity testing and so on.  Then you turn the page and there is full page ad for the ammunition  they supposedly just gave you an unbiased report on.........umm does any body else see the problem here?   There's no way those editors are going to publish an article that rips one of their best customers.  That's why I prefer the old fashioned way. Which of course is just talking to people.  You know its what we used to do before texting and social media sites. 

So let me have it guys what have you had the best luck with.  What rounds are still sitting in a box on the shelf in your garage because you refuse to use them again?  Was there a certain kind that worked particularly well with a certain brand of choke? 

Can't wait to hear from you - In the meantime,


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  1. Great question, but it might be impossible to give you a straight answer of what to buy. I have been using the Fiocchi "golden turkey" 3 1/2", 2 3/8 oz, nickel plated #5. Out of my Stoger M3500, 28" barrel w/ a Carlson TKY 665 extended choke, at 20 yards it looks like I hit the bird with a softball. The same round out of a Nova 26" w/ Pirmo extended choke, has about a 3x larger patteren and kicks twice as hard. Winchester 3 1/2" #5, "long beards" at 20 yards was a good "paper plate" patteren out of my Stoger, but I was looking for futher range. My last Tom hung up about 65 yards out, in the rain, and I had no problem "rolling him up" with the Fiocchi round. I have also had a awesome patteren out of a Remington 1100 full choke, and the federal premium Mag-shok 3", #4's.

    I say just buy a few different boxes, patteren them for your property and setup your going to be hunting with. What doesn't make the cut for turkey hunting, will make for some real fun long shots at crows later! I think the most important thing is just knowing your setup and its range.

    Them stupid turkeys are a lot stronger and more smart then people think!