Monday, March 16, 2015

In Like a Lamb and out like a Snow Goose

Has anyone else ever heard the saying  "In like a lamb out like a lion", when referring to the March weather?  I think for most of us this recent weather qualifies as in like a lamb.  With the weather getting this nice this fast and a lack of snow line the skies will soon be filled with Ross, Snows, and Blues.

If you have never done it you should most definitely look into putting together a spring Snow Goose hunt.  Even if you aren't much of a waterfowl hunter this is an absolute blast.  First off most states either have no limit or a very generous, almost unreachable one. So When they come in to the decoys it can be absolutely crazy!   Secondly 90% of the hunting is done in fields as opposed to over water and I would venture to say that an even larger portion of it is done through guide services.  Now I know what you are thinking $$$$$$.  However a lot of these guide services have very reasonable rates and when compared to the cost of putting together a massive decoy spread, which is what it takes to get these things in close, add in an e-call and your much better off paying someone who already has the gear.   If its someone else's gear that usually means you don't have to haul it, and the geese you kill while using said gear get cleaned by someone else! Also most of these hunts are in rural areas with small town hotels, great greasy spoon diners, and very affordable rates. 

A few years back I spent a month helping a guide service in South Dakota during their busiest time.  Until then I really hadn't had much experience decoying snow geese so it was a learning experience to say the least.  Most times they don't come in on an approach like Canadians they instead circle overhead repeatedly slowly descending into the decoys. Often times these waves are a couple thousand or more deep so even if the shooting isn't your thing just watching that many birds descending over your head really is breath taking. 

If you are serious about giving it a shot log on to the Hunt The North web site (you can find there link on our home page) and sort through the guide services from there.  Don't wait to long though because with the lack of snow on the ground in the flyways this year they won't stick around long. 

Also I would like to see some pics from anyone who gets out this year and we will get them up on the website. 


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