Monday, January 26, 2015

I'm back!!

Hello all it's Dakota Dan

My apologies for the long absence. Since you heard from me last, I switched professions and relocated my family, so needless to say it has been a wild year. 

Enough about me let's talk outdoors!!

The first topic I would like to get into is predator hunting.  As I've stated before it's probably my favorite kind of hunting.  However over the last few years the coyote hunting especially has gotten much tougher.  I have on several occasions in the last two winters had coyotes hang up just outside of rifle range.  At first I thought that it was scent or something else that I was doing wrong (I'm wrong a lot), but then I began hearing the same thing from other hunters.   I'm not wrong!  It was happening to lots of other guys. Guys that I would consider to be expert predator callers.  Guys that spend a lot of time hiding in wind drifted fence lines with a call pressed to their frozen lips.  So what is it?  Why have these dogs gotten so leary of calls?  I began to look at what has changed in this arena of hunting over the last five years.  The two biggest differences I found are the rifles that most predator hunters are toting, and the amount of e-calls being used.

What do you guys think?  What has changed the sport more? E-calls or the AR platform rifles.  I'll give you my opinion and reasons why in my next post.


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