Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I MISSED!!!!!!

So I went bow hunting on the farm that I grew up on this last weekend, and I had an encounter that I will never forget.

I had watched close to 30 deer come out of a CRP/cedar tree stand that is located adjacent to my brothers farm, but not property that I could hunt.  Some of the deer did cross the fence, so the next night I decided to set up on the dividing fence line to get a closer look at what all was there.   So as I'm watching, close to 20 does and two smaller bucks feeding in some bean stubble, something catches my eye emerging from the cedars.   Yeah you guessed - the big boy!    He was only a 10 point, but had massive girth and extremely tall tines.   Great, an amazing buck at 70 yards on the wrong side of the fence.   So I waited, and waited, and waited, until I couldn't take it anymore.  I got my bow ready, knocked an arrow, placed it quietly on the ground in front of me, grabbed my rattlers, and started in.  I no more than made the initial crash sound, and he wheeled and headed my way on the trot.   Uh oh!     I dropped the bag, picked up the bow, and barely had enough time to draw before he got to the fence.   He stopped with his head sticking over the top wire for about 5 seconds, then sprang over in one graceful motion like only a whitetail can do.  He then notices me, crammed as tight to a wooden fence post as possible, turns hard right, takes two steps towards me, and the stare down begins.  Keep in mind that I'm still at full draw, and now admittedly beginning to shake a little.   I guessed him to be about 40 yards, and knew that I was running out of time, so I put the pin on his chest, squeezed my release, and whoosh.    I MISSED!!!!!   No Thwacking sound, no thud, just whoosh.  The deer had turned hard right, and launched himself back over the fence in one fluid and awe inspiring motion, and my arrow dropped harmlessly into the grass.    I sat in disbelief for about 10 minutes, and then stepped off the distance while going to look for the arrow.   59 paces............Samsonite, I was way off, and now I'm having nightmares!!!!  What's the old saying "that's why they call it hunting".

Stay healthy, Stay Active, Stay outdoors.......and always use your range finder!

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