Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Chamber Is Finally Empty

I saw him for the first time ever on TV, and I couldn't believe my eyes.  In fact part of me thought maybe it wasn't real, it was quite simply unbelievable.   It was Tom Knapp.  I had been shooting shotgun since I was strong enough to swing a single shot 410, and I still was barely better than average.  Yet this guy on TV was tossing up several clays by hand and drilling them every time.  He was breaking clays that I couldn't have chipped with a hand grenade.  It seemed as though the chamber was never empty for Mr Knapp.

 Twenty some years later, and unfortunately the last time I saw him, was at Game Fair 2012 in Anoka, MN.   I had seen him many times in between, but the last as it turned out, was very special to me.   You see, last summer I took my daughters to see his show.  Admittedly, I spent more time watching their reaction to his humor and shotgunning antics than I did him, but he did not disappoint.  I'll probably never forget the shrieks that came out of my girls when he "food processed" a cabbage directly over his own head blowing the pieces all over us.   So even though the chamber finally ran empty for Mr. Knapp, my daughters still talk about him every time we have coleslaw.

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