Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I MISSED!!!!!!

So I went bow hunting on the farm that I grew up on this last weekend, and I had an encounter that I will never forget.

I had watched close to 30 deer come out of a CRP/cedar tree stand that is located adjacent to my brothers farm, but not property that I could hunt.  Some of the deer did cross the fence, so the next night I decided to set up on the dividing fence line to get a closer look at what all was there.   So as I'm watching, close to 20 does and two smaller bucks feeding in some bean stubble, something catches my eye emerging from the cedars.   Yeah you guessed - the big boy!    He was only a 10 point, but had massive girth and extremely tall tines.   Great, an amazing buck at 70 yards on the wrong side of the fence.   So I waited, and waited, and waited, until I couldn't take it anymore.  I got my bow ready, knocked an arrow, placed it quietly on the ground in front of me, grabbed my rattlers, and started in.  I no more than made the initial crash sound, and he wheeled and headed my way on the trot.   Uh oh!     I dropped the bag, picked up the bow, and barely had enough time to draw before he got to the fence.   He stopped with his head sticking over the top wire for about 5 seconds, then sprang over in one graceful motion like only a whitetail can do.  He then notices me, crammed as tight to a wooden fence post as possible, turns hard right, takes two steps towards me, and the stare down begins.  Keep in mind that I'm still at full draw, and now admittedly beginning to shake a little.   I guessed him to be about 40 yards, and knew that I was running out of time, so I put the pin on his chest, squeezed my release, and whoosh.    I MISSED!!!!!   No Thwacking sound, no thud, just whoosh.  The deer had turned hard right, and launched himself back over the fence in one fluid and awe inspiring motion, and my arrow dropped harmlessly into the grass.    I sat in disbelief for about 10 minutes, and then stepped off the distance while going to look for the arrow.   59 paces............Samsonite, I was way off, and now I'm having nightmares!!!!  What's the old saying "that's why they call it hunting".

Stay healthy, Stay Active, Stay outdoors.......and always use your range finder!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Bird Count Down?

Dakota Dan here, and I just returned from South Dakota where I took part in the pheasant opener.  If you have never been there for it, you should definitely put it on the bucket list.  Even though the bird population is down a little this year, the fun factor is still high.  The small farm towns turn into booming, buzzing, hotbeds of grilled food, drinks, dogs and a sea of blaze orange vests.   There really is nothing else quite like it.  We were lucky this year, and got a picture perfect day of weather.  That, combined with some really good dogs (which is my favorite part), made for a fantastic day out on the prairie.   There is still a lot of the season left, so grab your gear and head out.

And don't forget, Stay active, stay healthy, stay outdoors!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Man I love fall

Hello All,  Dakota Dan here, and welcome to Fall!!!
The cool mornings are here to stay across the Midwest, and
the hunting opportunities are abundant.  Archery deer seasons have already opened up in many states, along with the waterfowl.  What's that you say,  forgot to apply?   No worries, many states have non drawing licenses still available.  For example, South Dakota, which has 1.25 million acres of public walk in land, has archery tags that can be purchased on online.  Many states have waterfowl licenses for non and residents available over the counter.  So grab a couple friends, your Assassin hunting gear, and get going.

And remember, stay active, stay healthy, stay outside.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Game Fair 2013

Hello all,

Hope everyone is enjoying what has been a unbelievable stretch of great Minnesota summer weather!  While its not quite fall yet, it is time once again for Game Fair, which is located at Armstrong Kennels in Anoka.  This is the last weekend of the fair for the year, and if you haven't already been there this is your last chance.  While your there, don't forget to stop by the Midwest Archery booth and pick up the latest Assassin Hunting gear.  This is the biggest the fair has ever been with more vendors, displays, and activities than ever before, so there is sure to be something for everyone.  Hope to see you there!

Dakota Dan

Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Chamber Is Finally Empty

I saw him for the first time ever on TV, and I couldn't believe my eyes.  In fact part of me thought maybe it wasn't real, it was quite simply unbelievable.   It was Tom Knapp.  I had been shooting shotgun since I was strong enough to swing a single shot 410, and I still was barely better than average.  Yet this guy on TV was tossing up several clays by hand and drilling them every time.  He was breaking clays that I couldn't have chipped with a hand grenade.  It seemed as though the chamber was never empty for Mr Knapp.

 Twenty some years later, and unfortunately the last time I saw him, was at Game Fair 2012 in Anoka, MN.   I had seen him many times in between, but the last as it turned out, was very special to me.   You see, last summer I took my daughters to see his show.  Admittedly, I spent more time watching their reaction to his humor and shotgunning antics than I did him, but he did not disappoint.  I'll probably never forget the shrieks that came out of my girls when he "food processed" a cabbage directly over his own head blowing the pieces all over us.   So even though the chamber finally ran empty for Mr. Knapp, my daughters still talk about him every time we have coleslaw.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Did we get this one right?

When I heard the news today about the failing of the back ground check bill I had mixed emotions.  Don't get me wrong, I grew up on a ranch with a rifle and a shotgun in my hands, yet I find myself wondering if it would be such a bad thing to do a little better job making sure that we aren't giving firearms to those deemed mentally ill, or those who have committed violent crimes.  I have followed very closely to the words that a certain senator from the great state of Arizona has had to say on the issue, and in my opinion, he was right on this one.  We should have passed it!  Good sportsman have nothing to hide, and would not be affected by a universal back ground check that would hopefully close the loop holes by which people who don't deserve the second amendment right have been purchasing firearms.   I oppose the banning of firearms, but I think we may have missed the boat on this one, or should I say vote.
That's it for now.  Stay safe, stay active, stay outdoors!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Turkey season is upon us!

Hey Hunters, Dakota Dan here, and I'm pumped because turkey season is upon us.  However, every year you read about guys getting themselves into trouble turkey hunting, so I decided to throw out a few things to keep in mind this year while donning the camo toting the decoys into the woods. 

 Other than snow geese, turkey hunting is really one of the only chances you have to hunt in the spring, especially in the Midwest.  So every year, thousands of hunters travel to new states in pursuit of the mighty Tom.  Usually a state that has new terrain, and new regulations.  Unfortunately for those hunters who fail to read the regulations, it often results in being cited.  For example, in some states it's illegal to stalk a turkey, and you must have in your possession a turkey call whenever afield with your permit and weapon, as calling is the only method allowed.  Other states offer spring turkey seasons, but break them up into two time periods, one of which is usually archery only.  So don't drive 10 hours to another state with just your 12 gauge!!!  I could go on and on about the slight, yet important differences in turkey hunting from state to state but I'll move on. 

Safety! Safety! Safety!

Every spring I read a story about one hunting partner shooting another during the spring season.  It's tragic and can easily be avoided through communicating with your hunting group.  Don't be afraid to use technology when it's available.  Many cell phones offer an app where you can track another cell phone on a gps type map setting, and there are other stand alone devices that do the same type of thing much like the dog tracking collars.

 Having said all that, there is really only one thing that you really have to keep in mind, and that is that no matter how long Big Tommy's beard is it's not worth taking a shot unless you are 100% certain that it's safe.  Besides, the stories about the one that got away are sometimes just as good as the story about the one on the wall!   

Have fun, be safe, and when you get done, post your pictures on our Face Book page and BRAG!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Another 3 gun event coming up

There is another 3 gun shoot coming up on April 28th in Minnetonka.  For more info go to the MN3gungroup.org

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Anybody in 3 gun shoots?

Dakota Dan here, wanted to expand a little on my last post.  I would like to hear from anyone who is involved in 3 gun competitions anywhere in the US.   I'm really interested in entering one this spring and would love some feedback.   Thanks!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

3 gun shoot near Clearwater

There was a three gun shoot today near Clearwater, MN did anybody attend?  I'm thinking of trying it, and would love to hear your comments.  Thanks, Dakota Dan.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Dakota Dan Intro

Hello everyone!   I'm Dakota Dan, and I'm one of the contributers here at the Assassin Hunting Blog site.  Just wanted to introduce myself and throw out a couple of topics to get things started.  With the ice fishing season winding down, I want to hear how everone faired out on the ice this year.  Let's talk about the big ones, the ones that got away, and what your outlook is on the open water season.  Also, I love predator hunting, so if any of you coyote chasers out there want to hop in that would be great.  I love a good outdoor story, and I look forward hearing all of yours.   Thanks!

Welcome to Assassin Hunting Outdoor News!

Assassin Hunting is proud to announce the addition of our Outdoor News Blog!  We will keep you informed on current hunting and fishing conditions, special events, product reviews, ATV trips, and anything else outdoor related.  We hope this will be helpful to our customers, and we look forward to hearing your feedback on the information we post.  Thanks always for your support, and get outside and enjoy the outdoors!